Our Story

We are a mother-daughter duo based in Auckland, New Zealand and together we’ve designed our Pember Sleepwear range. 

We wanted to create a more versatile range of sleep/lounge-wear to move away from the 'matching set’ mentality.  We produce stylish, sexy and super-comfortable sleepwear leaving the decision about what to mix with what to the customer.

Our medium is Crepe de Chine Silk.  Specifically chosen for it's matte finish with a subtle sheen. Next to your skin, it cannot be compared to any other fabric, it breathes, it is light and has a feeling of luxury.  We produce small runs in a range of four colours; Black, Cream, Blush & Ice.   Our garments are manufactured in NZ and construction allows for machine washing and drying.  

The matriarch of the duo, Sally Govorko, has been a clothing designer for many years, producing garments in Silk.  She has long established relationships with Silk producers in China dating back to the early 90's.  Thea’s career has been in feature film production cleverly juggled with having children.  

Please enjoy wearing our products.



We thank the hard working silkworm for munching it's way through the leaves of the Mulberry Tree to produce every piece of silk that ever existed!